Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After a depressing kind of week luckily the weekend was a big improvement. On Saturday late in the afternoon we headed to a local beach for a fish and chips dinner, not the most healthy option but it's the perfect dinner to eat on the beach. It was a lovely still evening after a stunning Winter's day and not too cold at all. We stayed till the sun started to set and came home to a town lit up by lights. We seldom go out with the kids in the evening so it was a big treat for miss E to see all the lights on in the main street of town, I remembered back to my childhood and the magic of lights at night, it does seem quite magical doesn't it?


  1. oh how that picture of fish n chips on the beach makes me miss home today :)

  2. A perfect way to end the day ... x

  3. Mmm, fish & chips on the beach... that makes me homesick as well!


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