Thursday, July 15, 2010

zoom, zoom, zoom

A collection of matchbox type cars that belonged to my husband as a child are THE most popular and loved toys in our home and I felt they needed some accessories. As a child I always loved those printed mats with roads and houses etc on them, I really, really wanted one. Well this is my version of one of those mats. I used an old skirt for the green base, it had two pockets on it, I kept one to put cars or road signs in but carefully unpicked the other. I added the road, an old very outdated black velvet shirt proved perfect for that. All the other additions came from the large scrap pile I have. I backed it with some striped denim that I thrifted a while ago and bound it with some Sandberg fabric that was a designer sample that I was gifted. It's a big hit and has been played with every step of the way, when it only had a road, once the trees were added, before it was backed. It's much more fun to play with now that it's all finished. The best part for me was not buying anything to make it, even thread, I just used what I had to hand. I think I'm too much of a hoarder though so it's no surprise to me (or my husband) that I could make something like this without going shopping. So what's next? well a farm mat has been suggested, hmmm better get my scraps out again.


  1. awesome! I can't wait till Eleanor is old enough to make one of these! Choice

  2. Elijah has been nagging me to make him something like this - in his words "Are you sewing me a track now?" every time I get new fabric out.
    Awesome job! I might have to come back for reference and a place to start!

  3. That is really really really cool. Isn't it nice when you find you already have everything you need right there in your stash?

  4. um, you're awesome.
    that is all.

  5. Louana, you are so amazing! This is super cool and I can see why the little ones love it so much. I love it!

    I've been reading you blog for a while now and your seem so consistently inspired.

  6. Wow - it's so cool. I think I might need to make something similar - and I reckon I could probably do it without buying anything too!! Just been catching up on some log reading - congrats for blogging for a year! x


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