Thursday, July 8, 2010


The winter so far has been quite mild, but quite wet. Perfect conditions for fungi of all shapes and sizes to grow. It's easy to get inspired by how magically they appear and their cute shapes. I made this hottie cover ( I swear it doesn't look all pilled, it's just really bad light to photograph black felted wool!) from a thrifted felted wool jumper. I needle felted the toadstool on, I love to needle felt although it's not advisable to try and watch TV at the same time otherwise you might mistake your finger for felt like I did, ouch. I really like how it's turned out (it's really bugging me that it looks like it's pilled in the photo - it's not) and I think a cardi for miss E would look cute with a toadstool, or perhaps a hat for mr A.


  1. this is great! I've always wanted to give needle felting a go - it's on my list ;)

  2. That's so cute! Maybe something I need to try too.

  3. Oh I totally missed your giveaway! Oh darn... However, that toadstool is the cutest ever! I wish I could needle felt, there are some awesome projects I want to do that involve this craft...


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