Monday, July 12, 2010

a bit of blue

I found a new book at my local library called "Sewing clothes kids love" by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn. At first glance I didn't really think I'd like the patterns inside, they have applique and loads of embellishments and look really busy. But beneath all the "busy" the patterns are actually quite simple and lovely. With a fairy party coming up miss E needed a new skirt to wear, I was given this blue Thai silk by a friend who was moving overseas around 6 years ago. I had never been brave enough or had the right project to cut into it before now. The skirt pattern is called "Insa" and although not quite as quick to sew as I'd like (it has an under and over skirt) I think I'll be making some more, although not as embellished as this one. I raided my stash for the lace and sequins that I used on this which was a great feeling not rushing out to buy anything (ok I bought some matching thread).

It looks much better in real life and much better when it's getting twirled around and it goes without saying it would look better without the sneakers with their tongues hanging out, apparently that's how they have to be worn! It's nice to see some dress ups in blue rather than pink or pink or pink.

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