Monday, August 2, 2010


It was a funny sort of weekend and we spent most of it tucked up at home. I spent a little time doing some reading and crochet and the rest of the time trying to get over some winter bugs passed on to me by some little members of the family. I found this basket at the local Salvation Army a few weeks ago, hard to see in the photo but it's one of those great curved 70's baskets. It's perfect for a crochet project and a few books/magazines.

I regularly spot vintage crochet books at the secondhand book sales I go to. I often buy them only to be slightly disappointed not to find something inside I want to crochet. This one is different! It seems full of patterns that I love and will crochet, now to find some extra hours in the day to make some.


  1. i've just learnt the granny square, can't wait to make something else, i quite like the idea of facecloths ... nice present with a handmade soap ...

  2. Love the basket - great find. I know what you mean about old crochet books - great that this one has some that you will actually want to make. x


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