Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was inspired by all the early spring blooms around on the weekend and made some little crepe paper string crochet flowers. I tied (with sewing cotton) them on to some bare fallen branches that I had (yes that is the sort of thing I have to hand, um yes, you never know when you might need a stick for something). You can read how I made the crepe paper string here if you want to make some. It was a basic little four petal flower with the ends bought to the middle to create the long stamens, but any little flower pattern would work. If I had some yellow crepe paper I might have made the stamens yellow for a bit of contrast.
I tried a new recipe on the weekend, rosemary and walnut biscuits and I'm warming to them. They turned out sweeter than I imagined as they were suggested to be served with cheese and I thought they would be more savory. But after a few I've decided that they go with a cuppa quite nicely.


  1. What a great idea! Everlasting spring blossoms!

  2. i like the sound of those bikkies, and re your vege garden, mines a bit like that too, things never seem quite right, got good chillis and silverbeet but my peas and capsicans stay small ... its harder than it looks !!

  3. i love your cheering spring blooms! hmm, those biscuits sound nice and it's good to try something different aye.


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