Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kintted (13/52)

 A few months ago my husband bought a large bag of T-shirt rags from our local recycled clothing shop. It seemed we couldn't supply enough rags ourselves to keep up with his demand for them, so for a few dollars we had a giant bag of them. More than he needed so I went through and picked out some coloured ones that caught my eye, leaving him with the copious amounts of black ones to wipe up greasy car oil.

A few evenings were spent cutting them into strips, the perfect mindless activity to accompany some television time. I had some plans to crochet the strips into baskets, but in the end a new bath mat was knitted up instead. Knitting skills are seriously lacking here, it's garter stitch or nothing! I do quite like those rows of wavy garter stitch though.

There might be a few more colourful T-shirts disappearing from my husband's stash! I hope he doesn't notice.


  1. oooo i like it alot! love how you've been able to "grade" the colour too! x

  2. oh Yes!! I like this alot!! Such a great looking upcycle!


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