Monday, June 15, 2015

Hopping along (15/52)

My daughter is in the last few weeks of being a Brownie, next term she will be a Girl Guide. We are busily finishing off a few clauses for the last couple of patches she wants to complete before moving up.

One of the clauses was to have a family member teach you a new skill to make a toy, it could be sewing, knitting, woodwork etc. We started with knitting and quickly realised that this wasn't going to be as easy as I thought despite finding an easy garter stitch dog pattern (remember knitting isn't really a strong skill of mine!). So sewing it was!

We had so much fun making these little bunnies, we raided my stash of eyes and were both surprised how different they looked with just changing the eyes. We sat together chatting and stitching, it seems we don't spend enough time doing that.

We stuffed them with left over wool scraps, talking about how much better that was than going out to buy a bag a fibre-fill. I'm hoping those little thrifty moments will have a life long impact on her thinking. Making something with what you have (we talked about how we could have embroidered the eyes if we didn't have any bought ones at hand), passing on skills and having fun together. All things that don't cost a great deal.

I think I need to make it more of a regular thing.


  1. they both are fabulous. Pity boys show no interest in this sort of thing - but they'd do it at school! Teaching thriftiness is fab to our children!

  2. These are super cute! and that is such a lovely way to connect with passing on life skills, both meditative and useful :)

  3. It's adorable! Great job E and mum. And yes, love the moments of togetherness this brings about. So lovely xx

  4. These just may be the cutest bunnies I have ever seen. I hope you named them! We have a new black lab, @ 14 months -chews up every sock she sees! I have a lot of scraps for bunnies AND their stuffing!


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