Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thrift Tuesday

Thrift Tuesday, could that be a thing? I'm not sure I've got the dedication to make it a regular feature but I've been missing the Op shop show-off a wee bit and I do have some thrifty finds and tips to share!

I've been mending so many things lately and I just decided to keep and eye out for a darning mushroom and boom! There was one tucked away in a local thrift store that I seldom visit these days. A bargain at just 50c. It's perfectly aged, I love all the scratches on the top, evidence of many a sock being darned on it.

I'm a total sucker for wooden beads and buttons, normally it's the natural ones that really catch my eye, but this time it was the floral poker-work on a few that made me buy the small bag of beads! It works out well as my daughter is in love with the brightly coloured ones and is already talking about the necklace she wants to make.

These fabulous finds are sitting on another recent thrifty purchase a linen tablecloth in just my most favourite shade of green! I couldn't believe my luck!

Would you link in to a Thrift Tuesday linky? Perhaps I could motivate myself to make it a "thing" if you do! 


  1. love the beads and buttons - they remind me of the macrame things i made at school. I would not have known what the wooden mushroom was used for - very useful and 50 cents - great find!

  2. What great finds. I keep wondering if I need a mushroom when i see them, maybe I do! Yes I'm keen for a linky, I really miss op-shop show off, not sure whats happened to her

  3. Great finds! And I love those cute painted beads! I'm lucky to own Mike grandmothers porcelain darning egg...I feel lucky to be the one it has been handed down too :)

  4. Love the look of those beads and I'd never have know about the darner thingy! I know - rock, me, under it. :)

  5. Oh those beads are so beautiful!! My mum has one of those mushroom darners... Ive never actually ever seen her use it though ;)


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