Monday, February 16, 2015

Blooming! Things I've made (7/52)

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again. My favourite thing in the world to sew is recycled and felted sweaters! It seems almost magical to take these poor wee sweaters that someone accidentally shrunk down several sizes, making them only fit for small people to wear, and turning them into something that is useful again. It's so satisfying!

I made these Winter flower boots for my girl, the Summer days are cooling and the evenings aren't quite as balmy as a few weeks ago. So it's fitting that I make a start on some Winter projects, before they are actually needed!

The pattern is Childrens' flower boots by Lisa of Big Little, it's so nice to have a pattern that isn't just for baby sized feet! But she has also designed the Flower Boots in Baby sizes too! So little feet from baby to youth size 4 are covered. I can see how people would want to make these year after year for their little ones. Simple and snugly.

They have leather soles which hopefully will make them more long wearing than the crocheted ones I've made in the past and not slippery on our lino floors too. A long black leather skirt that I picked up for a song was carefully unpicked and used for the soles. It was a large skirt so there will be many more Flower boots in my future! Luckily as my son also wants a pair. Just perhaps without the flowers, although I don't think he'd mind a bit. Red is his favourite colour after all.

The pattern itself is an easy and quick sew, elastic sewn into the lining means they will stay on little feet too. Great for the baby sizes I'm sure, those little baby feet do like to kick don't they?

For a limited time the pattern price is just $5! Bargain right?

Baby Flower Boots
Children's Flower Boots

Now to convince Lisa she needs to make them in adult sizes too! I'd quite like a pair for myself.


  1. They are super lovely - I do hope she brings them out in adult size too!! x

  2. I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me just to LOOK at these boots. Gorgeous. And yes, I want some for me too. I'm sure my size 10s would look just as adorable...might have to make bigger flowers though!

  3. They are truely beautiful Louana - love the red flowers adorning them. I have bought the baby size pattern & look forward to making them for a new baby due soon.

  4. I love using wool too, especially when it has been rescued from an untimely death (gone through the dryer!). Your boots look lovely, and maybe one day there will be a ladies size pattern...,still working on the ladies slippers and that has taken me a year! xx

  5. They are gorgeous! love those red flowers - they really pop! beautiful work as usual Louana xx


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