Sunday, March 22, 2015


These a cool nip in the morning air, signalling the start of Autumn and the cooler, shorter days ahead. It's a change I have been anxiously waiting for, Summer is not the season for me. The Summer vegetables have finished and the last of the cherry tomatoes have been dehydrated to add to Winter pizzas and scones. I've been slowly trying to whip my garden into shape, slowly, slowly it seems.

While our backyard is small and we are unable to fully feed our family by what we grow in it, I really hope that I'm imprinting my children with the knowledge and ability to feed themselves in someway. There are no words to describe the pleasure gained by watching them graze on homegrown goodness, tomatoes, berries, beans. Honestly it's the simple pleasures! 

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  1. It definitely is - lovely pictures and hoorah for your time of year coming up! xx


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