Monday, February 9, 2015

The new black? - Things I've made (5/52)

Are house plants the new black? They seem to be popping up everywhere don't you agree? I must be ahead of the game though as I've followed in my Nana's footsteps and never really been without a house plant of some sort, although I'm yet to have a conservatory that resembles some remote jungle location! Like my Nana most of my plants are cuttings or gifts from other people's gardens. Gosh gardeners are good at sharing don't you think?

In order to increase my house/houseplant ratio over the weekend I finally tried my hand at making some Kokedama balls, well my version of the Japanese art of Kokedama. 

I used a large clump of a Bromeliad (that was a gift from my Nana one Christmas well over 10 years ago) that had multiplied nicely and was in full flower. I used a mixture of potting mix and a peat, then some moss and an outer layer of coconut fibre. All wrapped up and contained with some bright plastic string.  I made seven balls in total, a couple to take to work, a few for home and a few more to give as gifts. My daughter's teacher was blown away when we gave one to her this morning, no one had ever given her a plant! 

I kind of feel I might be slightly addicted to making these, we might run out of room inside! I might get a jungle room after all?

Do you have any houseplants? Green thumb, or not so much?


  1. These are great!! I have a few houseplants, but definitely not enough! I might have to give this a go!!

  2. oh those are stunning! I have 1 houseplant that is still alive two years on :)

  3. So clever! I just aspire to keeping outdoor plants alive :) xx


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