Monday, February 2, 2015

Backyard garden in the city

Over the weekend we made a short stop at the Hamilton Gardens. It's an amazing space with inspiring themed gardens, a Tudor garden, Indian Char Bagh garden, Japanese garden of contemplation, Italian Renaissance garden to name a few. These big gardens show a glimpse of gardening styles from around the world, quite different to the backyard gardens here in New Zealand. 

The kids enjoyed all the themed spaces, but the one we spent the most time in, and the one we had to drag ourselves away from was actually the Sustainable backyard garden. It had the most amazing scarecrow, huge sunflower heads, a chicken, compost bins, rambling vegetable beds, mosaic paths even a bath tub growing a special weed that the chicken likes to eat! It had a touch of wild about it, a carefree feeling.

So although all those other gardens were beautifully landscaped and designed carefully to transport you into another time and place, all we really wanted was to feel right at home.


  1. I have need been, but it looks so lovely I might have to make the trip :) xx

  2. Hi Louana - I recently went to Hamilton Gardens for a picnic lunch with my family. It was honestly one of the loveliest outings i have had in a very long time ... everyone enjoyed it so much. I hope to go back soon & cover more of the areas we didnt get to walk to. You have inspired me to go check out the sustainable garden.

  3. just looking at those photos I reckon that would be the place I would want to hang out in too! Beautiful!

  4. it is really lovely isn't it? one could wander around for a long time in there! glad you enjoyed it xx


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