Sunday, January 18, 2015


It's not often we pay for family entertainment, we frequent local parks, beaches, the local botanical gardens etc making the most of free activities in and around our city. The kids have been asking to go to the Auckland Zoo for quite some time and as luck would have it I won a family pass! 

The last time I visited the Zoo I had a baby in my belly and that baby has just turned 6, so it's been a few years. I was so blown away by all the changes. While the kids were busy looking at the animals I was taking in the landscaping and plants! Possibly not what every visitor notices, or really appreciates but I really think it makes the Auckland Zoo a world class attraction.

Tribal and African-like details around the "Pridelands", Maori carvings and rustic fencing in the New Zealand bird areas, all in perfect harmony with the animals that live there.

We have two Meerkat loving obsessed kids so they were the total highlight! I think they would have just watched them all day, but the offer of ice cream  finally got them moving!

Hopefully it won't be another six years till we visit again! There is talk of going on a Safari Night!


  1. it is such an awesome zoo. I drove past it every day for 11 years till the littlest finished year 6 last year. I have no idea when I'll ever do that again now... an amazing magazine shop just up the road too, which I am attempting to avoid....

  2. The meerkats are my fav - every.single.time they get me xx


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