Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Routine once more

I love the routine of school term time, I flounder a wee bit over the Summer holidays. While others enjoy the slow pace and no pressures of the holidays I find I tend to relax a little bit too much. Days blur by with not much achieved and I feel like wasted chances and time have passed me by. I'm an active relaxer for sure!

Today marks the end of my Summer holidays, back to work tomorrow for me. To cheer myself up I made the Chocolate Weetbix Slice Kimberly from Creative Chaos posted earlier in the week. When I am planning the weekly baking it's normally something that I don't like to much so I don't snack on it all the time! Chocolate chip cookies are a big favourite of everyone here except me so they normally top my baking list. But as variety is the spice of life, so slice it is! It's delicious and everyone seems to like it so not much chance of me having the chance to snack on it!

In case you are wondering the plate is by Crown Lynn the design is Yucatan by Robert Drake.


  1. active relaxer here too - I love looking at a list of things done even if it's just novels read!

  2. I hear you on the days blurring! I'm a bit of both though I both enjoy routine and detest it!! Finding the balance is something I'm yet to achieve, and shall be a challenge for me this year with home schooling! hehe

  3. Routine can definitely be ones friend... Best of luck for your first week back xx

  4. I'm planning on trying Kimberley's slice on the weekend too. I like to bake on a Sunday for the week ahead. Love the Crown Lynn Plate. I find when I have school drop offs etc we are out of the house nice and early, but if it's the holidays and there is no urgency I struggle to leave before 10am. xo

  5. Hope it's been a good week this week at work xx


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