Friday, January 16, 2015

Things I made (1/52)

Late last year I challenged myself to spin some thick/chunky yarn. Each skein I've spun since I started learning to spin has become more fine and even, to the point I'm left with extremely thin yarn that I end up doubling when I crochet with it, it seems a little absurd, all those spinning hours wasted. As it turns out however it's extremely hard to return to spinning a thick yarn (I was warned of this when I first started), my fingers just didn't want to co-operate. In the end after much frustration I spun one thick and one thin and plied them together to create quite a bumpy yarn.

By chance I stumbled across a knitting pattern for a shawl that I loved, I haven't knitted in a very long time. I also only know one stitch, but luckily that is all the shawl pattern required! Unfortunately the yarn doesn't show the stripes of the pattern made by changing needle sizes and I also ran out of yarn! So it's ended up quite a bit different to the pattern and the image I had in my head. I also crocheted a small border along one side to cover up the fact I ran out of yarn half way through the last row and I had no idea how to rip back the stitches, hmm I don't think I can claim it's from any pattern really.

It is however super soft and snugly organic merino, all ready for those cooler months coming soon I hope! Anyone else melting just a wee bit? Summer is not my season.


  1. It looks yummy and warm and I love how your yarn turned out! Gorgeous Louana xx

  2. Your shawl is just sooo lovely Louana. Its lovely to have you back blogging again :-) Yes, its sure been hot down here too.

  3. Melting? I'm dying in this heat ;) Loving the shawl - you did a fabulous job. I'm going to learn to spin in Dunedin in March at a yarny event (forgotten its name!)

  4. That wool is so luscious! I love how the chunky and thin yarn plied together look! And I can see from the photos this is going be one lovely snuggly scarf to wear!


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