Sunday, June 2, 2013


As nice as it is to receive an exciting email, maybe from a friend that you haven't heard from in a while, or from somebody that wants to offer you something exciting to try, but nothing, NOTHING beats going to your letterbox to find it overflowing with goodies! Some expected and some not so expected arrived in my letterbox this week ......

The above three pictures were the contents of a surprise parcel from my friend Jessicah of Spinning a yarn. Last year she asked if I had a vintage embroidered linen tablecloth  from my collection that I might be willing to part with. She was putting together a very special 21st present for her sister and had been unable to find one. I said "yes" and instead of payment I asked for some fibre in return -she dyes fibre so beautifully, it seemed like a "win" for me! I didn't expect all the extras she sent, a beautiful bone crochet hook, a Japanese crochet book, that is going to stretch my chart following to extremes as there is no English instructions! But I'd love to make that shopping bag so it will be a good brain workout. 

This book, written and photographed by this lovely lady also arrived this week! It needs a whole post of it's own so I'll do that this week, I'm already part way through sewing something amazing from it. 

This Emma Makes journal made my day, I've wanted one of her Red Roman Sandal notebooks for quite a while. I love it! 

Also I'm spreading the word about a big sale on this weekend for Stuck on You! They are celebrating 1,000,000 customers! They have an amazing 25% off store wide and free shipping! A perfect time to stock up on some of their great products. I think their wooden name puzzles would make a lovely gift. The discount runs out at midnight on Monday, head over to the Stuck on You Facebook page for more info.


  1. Ooooooo happy mail is the best!! looks like some fantastic items x

  2. Lots of lovely things have made their way to your letterbox! And I haven't yet thanked you for sending me the goodie bag last week (I hope it wasn't the week before!) I hang my head in shame, and thank you for your kindness. S:)

  3. Squee mail I do love snail mail
    And a fibre contact
    Will be needing that now I have my spinning wheel and drop spindle

  4. All so beautiful! I have 2 pairs of roman sandals which I adore and would love a 3rd pair of blue ones with holes punched n them too. I'd like that notebook too!

  5. That fibre is gorgeous!! I've been eyeing hers up for a while....what I lovely package and also just got my Tiny Happy book today in the mail!! some cute things in there :))

  6. ooh- nothing like treats in the mail. thank you for buying my book! hope you enjoy :)


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