Sunday, June 30, 2013

not quite

This past week was not quite how I had planned it to be. You know how it goes, you've got a list, got a plan, expectations - then the universe has other ideas.

 Ill children recovering, then kindly passing their ills on to me, nothing too major, but enough to throw the whole week out.

Soon I realised the biggest thing bringing the mood of the week down, was me! I released all my expectations and lost the lists and things seemed to improve from then on in. Putting most of the washing in the dryer helped too.

There were some bright moments though, a meet up with a blogging friend and her darling daughter, some sunshine emerged and I received some flowers picked for me by my little man. These "all weather" shoes that I picked up at "The Warehouse" brightened my mood - However I've spent the week convincing the children that they don't quite go with every outfit! Trying to ease their disappointment at me not wearing "the most beautiful shoes in the world!" everyday, whenever we went out.

There was another bright moment of the week, luckily that did go to plan! I'll pop back tomorrow to tell that story.


  1. gorgeous gummies. i love that your kids wanted you to wear them everywhere. fingers crossed this week is a better one for your plans!

  2. Love your shoes! Hope this week goes better for you.

  3. Yay for bright moments! Love your new shoes too :) hope this week is a better one for you xx

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous totally and utterly gorgeous
    Glad some 'sunshine' appeared in your life - sounds like our weeks were very similar

  5. oh those shoes are gorgeous!!! you didnt wear them on Saturday!!! haha


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