Thursday, April 28, 2011


If these school holidays had a theme it would be "wet". It's been frustrating for all, no trips to the park and lots of inside play and all of us wishing that it would stop raining for a day or so. Today wasn't much different. After a short walk down to the library it started to rain so we took shelter in the library cafe till it cleared enough to walk home without getting soaked. Then I was lucky enough to make it to a local secondhand book sale where I really lucked out. I got the above two books by Edith Holden (one I already have but it was in very poor condition) but these are both in very good condition. We got a stack of golden and kids books and a couple of good children's craft books too All for less than it cost for the three of us to have a coffee, two fluffies and share a gingerbread man, so I was very pleased (almost makes up for two weeks of rain).

The afternoon was spent watching a DVD from the library and working on some more crochet dishcloths, they are a bit addictive and the perfect little project for a cold, wet day.

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  1. whoa- awesome score on the books (i love edith holden too.) sorry to hear your holidays were wet- boo!


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