Sunday, April 17, 2011

for the basket

I've been making some of these fabric covered eggs today to have in a bowl as Easter decorations. Here are some instructions if you want to make your own. I found that I got better at covering the eggs as I went along so don't worry if your first ones aren't perfect, it's all part of the charm of handmade!

You will need: Some blown eggs, Mod podge, paint brush, fabric, scissors (not your best sewing ones)
1: Cut a piece of fabric to wrap around your egg, it needs to be long enough at each end to reach the end of the egg. If unsure make it a bit bigger you can always trim the extra off later.
2: We need to cut some triangles out of the fabric so it will wrap around the egg nicely. I folded the fabric down the middle so each end was cut the same (and twice as fast). They don't have to bee even, but make sure you leave a band across the centre that is uncut.3: Paint on the mod podge around the middle of the egg. Place it on the fabric and check that each end will be covered by fabric once pulled up.
4: Wrap the fabric the whole way around the egg. You might find that the triangles that you cut aren't deep enough, the fabric will pucker as you wrap it around. So if you need to cut some little slits do that now. (this is why I suggest not using your best shears, just in case some mod podge gets on them)

5: Your egg should look like the below picture at both ends now. Paint on some mod podge on the egg and wrap the triangle points down so the egg is all covered.

6: Once all the points are down, paint over a layer of mod podge over it to seal it. I'm not the most patient crafter so I do both ends at the same time, but it does work better if you do one end and then leave that to dry and then do the other end. You can just place it in an empty egg carton to dry and then do the other end. If you are like me you have this sticky thing that you've got to place somewhere to dry without it sticking to something. Please be patient!

Hope that is easy to follow, make them with your favourite fabrics and they are a decoration that you might want to have out all year round! Best part is that they pop into an egg carton to keep them safe when you don't want to have them out.


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