Friday, April 8, 2011

a wee story

There once was a lady who had many, many feijoas. They were piled up in bowls all over her bench so there was hardly room to butter toast in the morning. The funny thing is this lady doesn't even have a feijoa tree. Some of the feijoas came to her house from relatives, some from friends, some from strangers and some were even smuggled in by her daughter in her school hat. The bowls they groaned with the fruit and the smell of the feijoas wafted through the house, until...... Her husband said "enough" So the lady (who didn't want to waste any) got busy. She chopped and she chopped and she chopped. She peeled and peeled and peeled. She mashed and mashed and mashed. Then she baked and baked and baked. She stirred and stirred and stirred. Until there was only one bowl of feijoas left for eating fresh and once again there was room on her kitchen bench for buttering the toast. The lady's pantry was filled with, jars of feijoa chutney, feijoa paste (all the stirring! Every 3 minutes for 3 hours ahem, she is probably not going to make that again), feijoa chutney, feijoa and poppy seed muffins, some feijoa and apple crumble and some mashed feijoas went into the freezer. The lady is now going to take a "feijoa" break and has been instructed by her husband to say "no" to any further offers of feijoas. Well I'm sure you guessed that lady is me! and yes I will be saying "no" to any more kind offers of feijoas, all that stirring, chopping, mashing etc was quite hard work.

Do you have a favourite feijoa recipe to share? I do still have a few for trying a new recipe with! Happy weekend friends!


  1. That will be me in a couple of weeks time! Our feijoas are not quite ready yet but I can't wait to taste them... will be keeping an eye on this post to see if anyone has any great suggestions!

  2. Sounds familiar! My mother has just made feijoa chutnet as well. We have a couple of bowls full as well, all given to us. Perhaps we should plant a feijoa tree, they clearly love to give!

  3. mmm, I do love feijoas, but there always seems to be SO MANY around, those trees do tend to produce quite profusely. I haven't preserved any this year, I'm just scooping them out and freezing them in 2 cup lots, so I can use them in smoothies and baking throughout the year, though I may make some chutney and I do rather like feijoa jam.
    Oh and I'm sure that could be the story of many a lady around the country just now


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