Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I finished off some more Easter eggs (link to the pattern here). I made a little basket to hold them all in too, it's crocheted from some factory off cuts, t-shirt type material cut into strips. It has been quite the tempting centerpiece for little hands, it's been on our kitchen table. It disappears and then there is an impromptu Easter egg hunt with me trying to round up all the eggs hidden away all over the place and lots of giggles while they send me in the wrong direction (and while I pretend I can't see them when they are right in front of me). Then there was a suggestion that every egg that I've made should be replaced with a chocolate one for the finder, hmm the jury is out on that one. A concern was raised that perhaps these would be the only Easter eggs this year by a certain little miss E (with the most serious face I've ever seen), but I reassured her that there would be some chocolate ones too.


  1. ha- brilliant! i love all the bright colours. truly magical fingers you have there.

  2. gorgeous - especially that orange one!

  3. YUM! they look so cute, =)
    haha, dont think id survive easter without chocolate so i defitnitly agree with little miss E =)


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