Thursday, April 7, 2011

open home

Let me take you on a tour of our new home. It was built in 1979 by Fisher Price and it's from the Woodsey Collection. There is great indoor/outdoor flow, a large kitchen with a well stocked pantry. Unfortunately most of the chattels are missing, no broom, no table or chairs and it doesn't come with the family of Squirrels either. However it's in great condition and probably had just one lady owner (ok it's sounding like a car now). Now it has a new lady owner who loves it to bits and has moved a small family of teddy bears in.


  1. haha, cute post. What a neat toy! Love your eggs too!

  2. thats pretty darn cute ...have you all discovered the Brambly Hedge books yet? Loving them in this household. Your new home reminds me of a brambly home.

  3. ooh- such fun! sometimes i wish i was a child again. :)


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