Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Earlier this year a photographer friend asked me if I could crochet her some newborn photo props for her photography. I made a cocoon from a Holland Designs pattern, I really love how it turned out and wished I'd had something similar to photograph my little ones in when they were newborn. I made a nappy cover for her too, also by Holland Designs, very cute in chocolate brown. It made me want to crochet loads of newborn stuff and now that the cooler weather is creeping in, maybe that's what I'll do ( I'm not pregnant though! just to clarify - crocheting for other people's newborns).

Amy has a Facebook page for her photography you can find it here, she is also offering a free family portrait session for families that have relocated from Christchurch.


  1. Oh what gorgeous pieces, I love them both :)

    I have only recently learnt how to crochet and can't wait till I can complete projects such as these.

  2. whoa- they are amazing!
    they look so great in the photos too- you and your friend are both v. clever.


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