Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I made this cushion over the weekend, inspired by a picture I had seen in a magazine. The magazine cushion had flowers similar to this all jammed up against each other all over the cushion. After cutting up a few circles I decided that if I was going to get it finished and on the couch in the same day I would put fewer flowers on my version. The fabric for the flowers is a thrifted red wool cardi, felted and the base fabric is denim. I was really pleased with how it turned out and a request has been put in by miss E for one for her bed. Now to find the purple, pink and blue thrifted wool garments to cut up to make one. Might be tricky. Anyone out there have a good local place to buy wool felt?


  1. This is great. I've been a bit cushio crazy lately too. I'm not sure about the wool felt but you could definitely try hands ashford here in chch they seem to sell all things crafty and are the most likely source I can think of for actual wool felt.

  2. I think i like it with less flowers, coz it makes the flowers on there really stand out! wool felt? If your in CHCH, the cute little shop stich has natural wool felt (assuming is organic) but its reasonably pricey, spotlight has the classic synthetic itchy stuff, but i also think they have proper wool stuff to. =) good luck!

  3. that's gorgeous! i couldn't even imagine how to make those flowers. i definitely prefer your version.
    p.s. sorry, i have no idea where to get wool felt locally....

  4. loving that cushion...like the vibrant red and shapes of the flowers against the denim dark blue....wool felt? Must be in the autumn air...i've been felting thrifted jumpers and crafting too. For the ready made stuff try asking Alex at Forest Folk.co.nz - the little shop in the corner of the titirangi steiner school car park - she is lovely and may know where to source it if she doesnt have it in stock.


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