Monday, March 7, 2011


It feels like I've been away from this space for a long time. Miss E has turned five and it's taken up a lot of my time organising parties, baking cakes and making things for preschool and parties. So now that is all over and she has started school maybe things will start to get back to normal.

Most children give out a small gift to each child at preschool when it's their 5th birthday, some give stickers or lollies. I wanted to make a little something, but with 30+ kids to make for I needed something easy. I made some little notebooks using some tired children's books and blank paper on the inside, stitched up the middle on my sewing machine. I had quite the little production line going. I totally forgot to take a photo of all of them, so these are just the rejects. I found some inexpensive pencils at Whitcoulls and miss E gave them out too. It was so nice to see all the children drawing away in them on their way home.

I also baked some of my favourite lime melting moments for her teachers, this photo shows them before they were sandwiched together with lime butter filling. They are something I don't make a lot because of all the butter! The price of butter makes these very luxurious biscuits indeed.


  1. lime butter icing! gawh! that sounds yummy, =)

  2. oh yum, those biscuits look amazing.
    i love buttery things. :)

    and what a great idea to make little notebooks for the kids. happy birthday, e!

  3. Those books are gorgeous, and those biscuits sound AMAZING! Wow. How much do I feel like one of those right about now...


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