Monday, March 28, 2011

autumn bounty

I think I love the autumn harvest much more than the summer one. Forraged feijoas on the way home from school, apples from my uncle's house ( needing all the "eaten" bits taken out) and yellow guavas from our neighbours tree that drops it's fruit under our washing line. We are also picking lots of raspberries from our garden too. The red guava jam I made last week didn't set that well. While a little disappointed all is not lost, we still like it on our toast and it was delicious swirled through our apple cobbler tonight! I'm hoping for more luck with the yellow guavas, I've collected just about enough for a batch of jam and I've never had the yellow guava jam not set. But there is always a first time eh?


  1. I love the fact that your are harvesting autumn apples, we are experiencing spring florals (i'm in Denmark). Amazing really though isn't it?? LOVE your blog - it's wonderful.
    A xx

  2. all those autumnal fruits are so beautiful! i need to find some feijoas asap.


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