Friday, November 26, 2010


Miss E and her dad planted some sunflower seeds a little over a week ago, they have popped up but are still a long way off flowering. Quite disappointing to an impatient four year old. So, while we wait for some beautiful yellow flowers to appear in the garden, we can look at this crochet sunflower instead. I made it from a thrifted yellow singlet cut up into strips. I really like to crochet with fabric, anything works up in no time at all!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

My hearts go out to all the families who lost dear loved ones in the Pike River mining tragedy, and to all New Zealanders what a very sad time, for them and our country.

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  1. ha- i also have an egg carton with sunflower seedlings and was getting impatient, just like E! i love your yellow crochet- it's very cool that you can crochet from old clothes...


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