Monday, November 22, 2010

for notes

I've been doing a lot of crafting lately in preparation for the Auckland Art and Craft Fair in December ( it's sneaking up way too fast). I was working on these notebooks last week. I've been delving into my collection of embroidered linens to make these covers, they fit a standard 3B1 notebook so the notebook cover can be reused on a new one once the old one has been filled. I must find the time to make one for myself as I love how the cover creates a little pocket for little notes or receipts, something that is always floating around in my bag. I was pleased to come up with an idea for using the linen as my collection is getting rather large, it seems I can't pass up them when I see them in the thrift store,when reasonably priced that is.


  1. i really love these, louana! what a great idea.

  2. These are gorgeous! Good luck at the market, wish I could pop along - I'll be market-ing down in Hawkes Bay though...

  3. so cool! you know you're tempting me to buy MORE things now!


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