Friday, February 15, 2013


I've got what seems like a giant list of "to do's" over the next couple of weeks. I ticked a couple off today but added another couple too. One thing I did get sorted out and posted was my scrap bag for Nin's scrap bag swap. It's a secret swap so I send to one person and receive from another which means I can share what I'm sending as the recipient won't be expecting something from me, oh how sneaky! I took part in the swap last year too and I got some really nice pieces, fingers crossed that I'll get another great selection this year. I hope that my swap partner will love this little selection. I made a zip purse (to pop the smaller scraps in) with some denim and some of my "granny" fabric that I designed and printed with Spoonflower. I also included some little pieces of that fabric both in the large size and the smaller little squares. I also included a roll of this cute cotton ribbon, I love those little Russian dolls.

Hope you have a great weekend dear blog readers!


  1. cute - love that spoonflower fabric so cool

  2. Your swap partner is very, very lucky!

  3. Wow - I just love that fabric you have had printed Louana - wish I was your swap partner., Also, do you mind me asking ... where did you get the gorgeous ribbon from?? Julie :-)


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