Monday, February 4, 2013


I was generously given a large bag of buttons from a friend. It bought me a ton of quiet time over the holidays. The kids spent many hours sorting them out. I'd suggest a colour or a size for them to find and they were off! I gave miss E the task of finding any mother of pearl and glass ones, she's got a keen eye for the "special" ones. I think I'll have to bring the buttons out again when I need some quiet time to get the dinner on, it sure did the trick!


  1. What a generous friend! So many really lovely ones in there.... those little blue flower ones look super sweet. Miss E must be having a grand old time with them all. Lisa x

  2. How wonderful - what a great collection to be gifted. And they will be soo usefull too :-) There are some amazing ones in there Louana, :-) Julie


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