Thursday, February 14, 2013


We've had so little rainfall over the past few months, dry and hot for weeks on end. We did have a little bit of respite last week with a small amount of rain, but not enough to close up all the crack emerging in our lawn, or replenish the lawn either. I gave up watering our garden weeks ago, it costs too much to keep watering it. So far nothing has really died, but nothing is really flourishing, my lettuces have bolted and the silverbeet too. Most of the figs have fallen off the tree, underdeveloped, shrivelled and very sad looking. There are just a few that have managed to ripen, despite the weather and I picked them this morning (tying to beat the birds to them). Did you know that the fig is actually an inverted flower? Maybe that's why they taste so good. Figs are the kind of fruit that has to be eaten at perfect ripeness, too early and you get a mouthful of icky latex. But when perfectly ripe they taste like ambrosia - yum!


  1. can you believe i have never eaten a fig. i need to remedy that i asap i think! perhaps a winter garden will be the way to go this year? i was just reading the wonderful aussie blog 'down to earth' about how they have shifted their growing season to avoid the droughts, maybe that would work for you? x

  2. Hi Louana. I am a relatively new follower of your blog, and I am enjoying reading. Figs are my favourite! I did not know they were an inverted flower. I planted one over the winter that has 2 small fruit on it but I am not holding much hope of them developing in to much as I too have given up on watering.

  3. DRY! I am feeling it! some rain would be welcomed ! (can't believe i just said that!)


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