Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 I signed up to take part in the Sew Delicious - Sweet pouch swap over the holidays. All you needed to do was make a pouch add some local sweets/chocolates and send it off! My partner hasn't received hers yet so I'll won't spoil the surprise here yet, but mine arrived in the post this week! I love the pouch and I'm already using it for a little crochet project. The picture doesn't really show it well, but the drawstrings are printed like tape measures! Very cute, and it's sewn so beautifully. The pouch was filled with American "candy" none of which I have seen in the shops here (but I try hard not to go down that isle of the supermarket). The lovely lady that sent me all those goodies blogs over here at Me and Elna - Thanks again Kara, I love it!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you like it!!! Are your kiddos enjoying the candy? :)

  2. Fantastic! What a great bunch of goodies! Thanks for joining in :)


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