Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm joining in again with Max over at Blackbird has spoken, with the op-shop show-off. This is a little Crown Lynn Fiesta saucer, quite the collectible! It's a popular pattern among New Zealand Crown Lynn collectors, this happy little find set me back a whopping $0.50c. It was in absolutely perfect, never used condition. Once I was home I realised that I'd never thrift a set of these, or even part of a set, so I decided to let it go again (before it went through the dishwasher or it got chipped). I sold it on Trademe for, well a massive profit! Just a few cents under $40! I couldn't quite believe it (I set a $1 reserve), I couldn't imagine spending that much on a saucer, but I like to think the winner of the auction was pleased!


  1. Wow - great find and fantastic profit! Think of all the other things you can buy with the money.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Holy moly! I'll be keeping my eye open for those then!!!

  3. crikey, i left about 8 of those saucers in a box at a garage sale a little while ago, thinking like you, 'well, there are no cups, and what are my chances of getting a whole set.." D.O.H !
    they are absolutely beautiful though, if i had the money i'd love to collect the set. so great to have you linkying up again Louana x

  4. I have a few of the bigger, flattish bowls in this pattern! And a few saucers, too. Goldmine! hahaha Don't think I can give them up though.

  5. I have been coveting some fiesta for an age! NEVER found any. SCORE you!!! Great profit - congrats! Wow!

  6. Nice! I collect Fiesta dishes too but they're the Fiesta brand made in the States (West Virginia, specifically). Have you heard of them? http://www.fiestafactorydirect.com/ PS: are you on Instagram, lady?!

  7. are you serious??!!
    i found a dinner plate of this in the FREE box at the Kaitaia SPCA op shop!
    I've found 8 plates now (all different patterns but CL so fit together), plus two bowls! all for about $2...hurrah!

  8. Wow great find, and great resell!! Must watch out for that pattern at my opshop

  9. I have collected the Crown Lynn Yucatan pattern, starting off with my grandmother's dinner set, but I have added to it many times over the years, mostly from TradeMe. These days, the pieces are going for quite a bit more on there, and I have a more than adequate collection, so I'm unlikely to grow my collection any more unless I happen to spot some pieces in an op-shop.


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