Tuesday, October 11, 2016

make it merry!

I think most people fall into two camps, either they love the lead up to Christmas, or loathe it. I think I actually fall in the middle, though I used to love it perhaps it has something to do with how organised I am. 

A few months ago when Christmas felt a million months away, I was invited to take part in a media launch of Spotlight's 2016 Christmas range.  

The room was decked out beautifully! Just like an European Christmas market, think mulled wine, fur trees and all those good things.  It made me nostalgic for my one Christmas in Germany. There was biscuit decorating, flower arranging, gift wrapping and my "stall"of card making. The guests got a chance to have a go at creating too! So much fun having free reign with crafting supplies and I loved watching the different ideas come together.

Melissa from The Best Nest was my neighbour and came up with some easy ideas for making your presents look fab under the tree.

Now I'm armed with ideas for decorated biscuits, artful flower arrangements and handmade cards. Now just to find the energy to make it all! Make it merry!

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