Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The figs are starting to ripen and I braved a thunder and lightening storm to pick this one over the weekend. I spied it from my kitchen window and was amazed by the size and had to get to it before the birds. I can tell you it was delicious and I shared it with a little one.

On Sunday we made our way to a free local concert, it was hot, crowded and fun. The kids shared some candy floss, it was definitely big enough to share. Like everything these days, the candy floss was "super sized". It was great to see so many families out and about enjoying a nice pocket of Summer weather, it seems a bit thin on the ground this year. That's not all bad though, it means that I've hardly had to water the garden! Fingers crossed for a small water bill then.

We've got a big week here with trips and mother help and the like and a very special birthday so this space might have to wait till next week.

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