Thursday, February 16, 2012

new ones

There seems to be a real baby boom on at the moment, both in the "real world" and "blogland" too! It means that my crochet hooks have been kept busy. I've made quite a few pairs of these booties, the pattern is from Etsy seller Mamachee and the pattern is her Buccaneer Booties. They work up really quickly and I've got several pairs waiting for their buttons to be sewn on. The above pair were made with some lovely homespun wool from my neighbour, a mix of merino and her angora rabbit fibre. They are really soft and cuddly! Perfect for some little feet. I made them around 3-6mth size to fit once the weather gets a bit cooler.

I also like to give something little to the new mums, I've made up some jars of homemade muesli with dehydrated strawberries and apricots. In those early days if I was up late I'd often have a bowl of muesli as a quick and easy snack. I've also dehydrated some apples sprinkled with a little cinnamon and sugar (that's why there are some "brown" bits on the apple slices) It's so important for feeding mums to have some snacks at hand!

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