Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm sorry it's been so long. I've been getting nice emails asking me if we are all alright and I thought that was a sign to make my way back into this space. I've been enjoying the relaxed summer atmosphere and just living!

Over the holiday time we've had a birthday and my little one has turned three. It's meant that last week he started a few mornings a week at a local preschool. It's the same one miss E went to and it's like I've never been away. I really loved the walk to preschool and almost mourned it once miss E started school last year and we found ourselves walking in a different direction. The walk to preschool takes in some special sights including spying on some local chickens hidden behind a fence, walking along the estuary looking at all the different birds, checking the tide level and then up a big (big in toddler terms) hill. I'm loving walking it again and sharing the sights with my little man. I'm also enjoying a few short hours of quiet in the house.

I've got lots to share so I'll make an effort to be back soon!

Happy weekend!


  1. oh hello!
    you know i thought i must've inadvertently "unfollowed" you...phew!
    nice to hear from you :)


  2. Aren't the little rituals the sweetest? Walks with your little one sound lovely. Spying on chickens...ha!

    Your post reminded me not to wish my time away. I still have a few years until I truly get a couple hours to myself when both mine are preschool/ school aged!


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