Monday, February 13, 2012


Most of the garden seemed to like the cooler and wet start to the Summer. We had lots and lots of berries! Most of which are taking up a lot of space in our small freezer, I feel a jam session coming on. It saved me watering the garden (I'm hoping for a small water bill). One crop didn't seem to like it much, my blackcurrants, the one in the picture is the one and only that survived this year, and I ended picking it too early and it was super tart and I didn't finish it.

Beans have been (as every year) the biggest hit far and above all the berries, as far as the kids are concerned.  I mainly planted "King of the blues" from Kings Seeds. A nice smooth runner bean that is a purple colour that turns green once cooked. Yum! Our favourite way of eating them is lightly boiled or steamed with a tiny bit of butter, a big squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt. I could eat them like that every day. But as you can see some just like to eat them out of the garden, rain, or sun. Just like last year.

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  1. Yum strawberries and raspberries. Our beans were a fizzer this year. The pea crop was amazing yet we only managed to grow about 3 beans! Spindly pokey things they were too - I'll have to try your variety next year :)


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