Wednesday, February 15, 2012


While on a blogging break, we took a short holiday in the far north of the north island. In short the trip involved lots of beach going, some Tuatua collecting, ice creams at nearly every stop, first every car ferry ride and a trip to see Tane Mahuta, some fish and chips from here and a lovely cafe stop here. It was a very busy few days.

The cafe stop"Morrells Cafe" was particularly welcome after a long winding drive on a hot day. It was situated in Waimamakau and we are happy to recommend it to anyone, I mean look at those pancakes and coffees would you! It operates out of an old cheese factory and has a beautiful cottage type garden. I also spotted the father of this lovely blogger and I was seriously disappointed to hear we must have missed her by a matter of minutes! Just means we might have to call past again on our next trip and try our luck again.

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  1. I'm so sorry we missed you too! Next time you visit you can all come and stay - I'm sure we'll have a house by then!


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