Tuesday, March 6, 2012

when good pins go bad

I had seen some cool cupcakes on pinerest some time ago, cooked in ice cream cones. Miss E was having a little party on Friday and at the last minute I thought I'd give them a go. I had read the instructions when I first "pinned" the recipe, but in the last minute rush of getting ready for an afternoon party I didn't get a chance to re-read the instructions. Mistake right there. OK that's a bit dramatic cause as you can see from the top pic they did turn out OK. But when I checked on them in the oven just 5 minutes before they were due to be ready I was greeted with the above sight! Arrgh! But you know what?
1:Butter cream hides lots of baking mishaps
2: A photo from the front won't show the world how the backside doesn't look so good (not good at all)
3: Kids won't notice and gobble them up anyway (leaving minimal crumbs too, big benefit of the cones)
4: You'll feel a lot better about how they turned out after they have all been eaten and you get some sleep
5: Reading the recipe always helps especially the part about what level to have the mixture

I did try another pin today and I followed the recipe instructions this time. Slow cooked honey sesame chicken! Yummo! I only had around half a cup of honey though, not the cup that the recipe suggests and I added a few extra thighs in the pot too. There was still plenty of sauce to cover the extras and it's been suggested that I make it again soon. Now that I can do.


  1. They look delicious (both recipes!) and are now pinned on my boards too...I will read them before I make them I promise! :D

  2. Happy birthday to your little girl! What a cool idea... cone cupcakes :) xx


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