Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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Walking past a nearby house recently I spotted a big peach tree with all it's bounty scattered over the long grass beneath. I was later describing the house and it's tree to my mum, commenting on what a shame it is when people don't make use of their fruit trees and what they produce. She new the place I was talking about (got to love living in the same small  town your whole life and knowing what seems like everyone) and said she'd ask if we could make use of some. A large supermarket bag of the unloved peaches arrived at my front door, with their strong peachy perfume greeting me first. I cut out all the black bits, it was suggested by the owner of the tree that once all the bad bits had been cut out there wouldn't be any peach left. They couldn't have been more wrong! I got a very large pot full to the top. I made a cobbler topping, sprinkled just a bit of sugar over the sweet peaches and baked it. Yum! The best part was there were so many peaches that I made a smaller cobbler too, to pass over the fence to a kind neighbour.


  1. Yum this looks delish! When we lived in the country we had a peach tree and I made similar - it really is amazingly yummy when fresh!


  2. Fresh peaches are just heavenly. Yay for small towns!

  3. That looks devine! And what lucky neighbour you have : )

  4. Yes, I am very lucky (I am the kind neighbour lol)! The peach cobbler was absolutely delicious Louna. It was a real treat enjoyed and appreciated by all of my family.The smell alone was devine. There was nothing left of it. :-) Thanks a lot!! You are a wonderful cook.


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