Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've made a number of crochet soap holders over the years, some shaped like fish, some just lacy and pretty. But then I saw this idea on, well you guessed it Pinterest! (I'm surely not the only one spending way too much time on that site?). It's basically and quite simply it's  a crochet square with a button and a loop, that folds over the soap, a bit like folding up an envelope. I think it could make a nice present for new mums, it's hard enough holding on to a slippery baby, you don't need slippery soap too! Just a good idea to make sure the button side isn't rubbed on the baby! In the past I've been asked to make some for people who suffer from arthritis who struggle to grip slippery soap too.


  1. I love these, I would be really keen to offer them with my soaps at markets etc! Let me know if you would be keen to whip a few up for sale?
    mushroomlane at hotmail dot com xxx

  2. Wow there are some fabulous ideas on Pinterest aren't there?!! Thanks for alerting me to this too. Really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. pure brilliance. i love your crochet work!

  4. oh Louana! i saw this post the other day and was drooling over 1. your skills, 2. the crochet cloth - they are so blissfully indulgent, and 3. the soap (our supermarket has stopped selling all but the manuka and lemongrass and i don't really like either for baby)
    THANK YOU so much!! i was totally blown away to receive your package in the mail. i used it the day it came.
    seriously, so humbled with thanks for your thoughtfulness and kindness to our no.5 XOXOXO

  5. Just found you on Kiwi Mummy blogs :)
    Love this idea, it's really cute!


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