Wednesday, May 7, 2014

woollen pixie

I love working with wool, whether it be spinning it or sewing with it. I especially love reclaiming thrifted woollen clothes. Jumpers, cardigans all which have slipped through the wash on an accidental "hot" cycle. Not by me of course! I stockpile them over the Summer months while they are at bargain prices.

I whipped up this Hooded Pixie Coat, a pattern by the talented Lisa of the Big Little blog. I used up a small piece of woodland flannel that I was given recently. I didn't have enough to line the jacket completely,but instead I teamed some vintage sheeting with big patches of the left over flannel, I wanted to get the most out of it.

I added a few circle patches front and back, I just am so in love with that flannel and it seemed a waste to just have it tucked away on the inside. A bit miss-matched perhaps, but that's my sewing style!


  1. It looks great Louana! Love that flannel and love the overall look and feel of it - warm and cosy! xx

  2. That is just beautiful Louana & I love ALL the fabrics you have used. It looks so cosy & warm & snuggly too :-)

  3. wow - it is stunning! What a great job! Love the flannelette too!

  4. Looking awesome louana! Love all the colours together, it looks super cosy

  5. Another cute Jacket and mismatched perfectly!! Can you tell I'm catching up?! hehe


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