Tuesday, May 6, 2014


"Get up, get up, get outta your lazy bed. Before I count to three .................." If you recognise that line, chances are you grew up in NZ in the late 80's early 90's and watched a TV programme called "What Now". In which case you will also recognise the lovely lady in the picture above, Fifi Colston! 

I grew up inspired by her crafting projects, replicating many of them at home, scouting around for the items I needed, lots based around a humble egg carton. Fifi's talents extend to book illustrating and creating wonderful works of wearable art. 

Her latest book Wearable Wonders is a finalist in this years New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. You can find the rest of the nominees here, it's quite an impressive list!

Before I was offered the chance to review this book, I had already sought it out and borrowed it from my local library. My kids are starting to graduate from the "mummy made" costumes and wanting to make their own so this book seemed like the perfect resource for them.

It's not formulated with a "do this, do that" approach, more a guide and the perfect starting place for Wearable Art inspiration, perfect for the older child who needs a starting point for their own creation, really making it their own without just copying it from the book. 

my attempt at "Steampunk" goggles

The book takes you through all the planning stages, opening your eyes to the "tools of the trade", you probably already have some most of them, as for the materials needed, think = things in your recycling bin! Everything is taken into account, making sure your wearable piece isn't a danger to the wearer, practicalities of getting it off and on etc. 

a water pistol given a "Steampunk" style make-over

I think we'll have this book out again in the future when the call comes home from school that a costume is required! (I've also noticed that most schools also have a Wearable Art competition these days, you too?). 


  1. That looks like an awesome book! Will have to get it out and take a look.

  2. The best book! Filled a huge gap in lots of school libraries - yes a lot of schools do take part in the competition now. Such a good book , our school bought 15 copies!

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    1. Hi Kate, I did send through an email. I'll try again now xx

  4. Wow this looks so interesting! Looking forward to seeing what other things you try!


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