Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I was recently contacted by someone lovely at Bakers Delight, would I be interested in trying some of their Christmas goodies? Um, YES! Then I had a sudden change of mind, I mean, what if the cake they send is better than the Christmas cakes I make? I'd surely have to give it a bad review?

The cakes were delivered still warm! When I opened up the packaged I immediately loved how they looked. Baked in a cool brown paper with a gorgeous pattern on it. The top looked so inviting with cherries and flaked almonds! I have to be honest the cakes didn't last long in our house, although I do have a sneaky piece set aside to have with a coffee later. We loved the Christmas spicy taste and how moist they were (often I've found store bought cakes quite dry). I thought if I was time poor or not so inclined to do some baking (sounds like me at the moment!) I'd have no hesitation in buying one of these yummy cakes! They come in a couple of sizes, including single serves which would make a lovely wee gift! Look at the pics, don't they just make you want to have a slice? Shame you don't live closer I'd invite you over for a coffee and a share of the sneaky piece I've hidden away.

You can find a Bakers Delight store near you, have a look at this link. Were their cakes better than mine? Well all I can say is, possibly yes!

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