Monday, April 30, 2012

no go disco

(mum the sun's in my eyes)

Well those nasty tummy bugs have hit us for the second time this month. Mr A first and then a few days later miss E, unfortunately she was unable to make it to the disco yesterday. It was a little heartbreaking seeing her so sick, but at the same time so desperate to go so she could wear her costume. I promised her that she can dress up in it once she's feeling better and I'll take her out for a fluffy. Luckily that seemed to brighten her mood somewhat.

So mr A and I went along to the disco without our sidekick. He wore a little shirt that I made for him using this pattern from etsy. Ages ago at a local thrift store, I bought a bag of patches for just a few dollars, I knew that sometime they would be useful, and it was great to actually use some! I made it a few sizes bigger, I like dress ups to last as long as possible. He was very happy with it and wore it to preschool this morning, complete with beret! (The beret belonged to my father).

I really enjoyed sewing this little shirt and I'm planning a few more for mr A for summer next year - maybe using up some more patches?

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