Monday, May 7, 2012


Here she is, my poppy girl. All dressed up with no place to go, with nothing but twirling to do on our drive. We've got a birthday party to attend this coming weekend and since she missed out on the disco she's decided it's the perfect party outfit.


  1. She looks just adorable !!! I just love that outfit and so does she by the looks - good on her - twirling away !!! Just love the red/green combination. Kind regards, Julie :-)

  2. Go the poppies! She looks gorgeous and I hope she has a wonderful time at the party. Lisa xx

  3. i love poppies. i have a deep love for the wizard of oz, so poppies have always been magical to me (there are not just the ones that put dorothy to sleep, but the ones other characters wear in the crowns).


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