Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Over the last few weeks I've been trying to complete some little projects I've had on the go for ages. One such project was some magnets and magnet trays. When I saw those little painted bamboo plates at a local thrift store I thought instantly how cool they would be as magnets brightening up my fridge. All it took was a few magnets and some liquid nails to make it possible. I also found that little tin (well actually 3 of them) at the same store. I glued a couple of magnets on the back of that one and I've been using it for small change. I'll have to keep something else in there now as some little hands discovered my stash and added the coins to their money box. I've thought about taking the lids off the other tins to turn them into something a bit more like this.

I also had a number of trays saved up to turn into magnet boards. I found about a year apart these trays with different states of America on them, one is Texas the other Iowa. Miss E now has the Texas one in her room  and I've put the Iowa one in my pantry to hold all the school notices. It's great to have just one place for the school notices that seem to multiply so quickly! I've also found a tray for mr A, it's a boyish "London" tray, so now he can have a place for all his preschool artworks.

It's great to finally get stuck into clearing the backlog of projects, and I feel kind of silly that I haven't made the effort earlier.

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