Monday, August 29, 2011


It's funny how time can sometimes slip through your fingers, I started this shawl quite a few months ago. Working on it a bit each week at a creative fibre group I go to on a Monday night. The bulk of it worked up very quickly but it's lay unfinished for quite a few weeks now. The thing is tomorrow I have to hand it in for a local competition. So all of a sudden after weeks of inactivity it's finished, washed a blocked and labelled. Only thing is I've got no one on hand (other than a two year old)to take a photo of it for me from behind as I intended it to be worn, so you have to settle for a terrible self portrait. It's shawl size but it's worked in lace weight yarn (50/50 silk merino) from Jess of "Spinning a yarn" so it can also work quite well as a scarf too (so you could easily wear it around your neck as I am here). The yarn is stunning, Jess dyes it and this colour way is lilac, you can find her etsy shop here:

It's great to have it finished, another item checked off the list. Now to get on to the rest of the long list of "to do's"

The pattern is an improvised one by the way - sorry no link :(


  1. Lovely!
    And its you! I've don't recall ever seeing a photo of you?! So nice to see you x

  2. beautiful work! i reckon you'll win the competition :)


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